BARsystem's ERP subscription is the superior way to manage your business data in the Food & Beverage Industry.

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BARsystems provides a new and cutting edge approach to managing your business data and workflow with our ERP Subscription.  By combining the best Enterprise Resource Planning software platform with professional grade hardware we created an affordable subscription package that easily integrates with your business.  Our low cost monthly subscription includes everything you need plus free training, tech support, software updates, and fast equipment replacement.  


BARsystems offers exclusive access to Liquor Audit Control(LAC), the most functional and customizable ERP software platform in the Service Industry.  More than just for taking inventory, LAC's unique approach to managing your bar or restaurant's data will integrate easily into your business.  With almost every data point imagined, your data can be as simple or detailed as you desire.  Automated purchase orders, fully programmable par levels and units of issue, and the fastest count entry interface are just some of the ways this unique software can immediately generate more profits.  LAC is based in Excel and since it is native to Microsoft Office, it utilizes other powerful applications within the Office Suite including OneDrive and Outlook to create a familiar and easy to use powerful software platform.  Learn more at www.liquorauditcontrol.com.


The best job cannot be performed without the best equipment.   We rigorously test and meticulously choose the gear that will provide the fastest count entry without sacrificing the accuracy of the data captured.   Before BARsystems you had to choose between speed or accuracy, but with our ERP subscription you get the best of both.  Data is only as valuable and accurate as the way it was captured.  Bluetooth & hands free data collection, a robust Windows 10 laptop with Microsoft Office, and precision scales are all included with free training and tech support.

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